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Innovative Apple-Growing in Yantai, China

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Special to Road Trips for Foodies

Yantai, a coastal city in north China, has been known by its high-quality apple varieties and a history of apple growing for over 150 years. With the label of “Yantai apples” worth US$2.35 billion, the city contributes a whopping 50% of China’s exported apples to the rest of the world.

From planting China’s oldest apple variety to developing modern varieties with better flavor and taste, Yantai has given brand-new meaning to its apple plantation.

Back in 1871, the coastal city’s ideal geographic location, climate, and soil inspired an American missionary to grow China’s first apples here, which were called “White Winter Pearmain.”

Being the first Chinese city to grow apples, Yantai is constantly making new advances in apple cultivation and creating new varieties and strains, diversifying consumers’ selection of apples. 

American video journalist Jack Klumpp is looking for Yantai’s story of planting apples from past to present. He also experiences first-hand the core of China’s modern apple industry.  

In the coastal city, Jack heads over to a massive apple orchard and tries picking the wildly popular Red Fuji apple. He tries a variety of apples grown in Yantai and gets to know their unique characteristics.  

At a laboratory of breeding new apple varieties, Jack observes the cutting-edge cultivation methods to detoxify apples saplings, which helps to create healthier plants.  

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