Top 10 Asian Restaurants in NYC to Visit in 2022
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According to Daily Media Studio, here are the top 10 Asian fusion restaurants to try in New York City this year.
Tao Downtown With several locations across the country, Tao DT encompasses Asian culture in a unique …

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Sustainable Caviar

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switzerland_frutigen_caviarRoad Trips Foodies know that sturgeon (the fish producing the finest caviar) are endangered in the wild, but did you know that they’re being farm-raised in Switzerland?

Yes, Siberian sturgeon, the fish producing those “black pearls”, are grown in naturally warm mountain water at Tropenhaus Fruitigen, Tropenhausweg 1, Frutigen, Switzerland.

Those lucky enough to be nearby September 11, 2014, can head to the Tropenhaus’ Oona restaurant for a Caviar Tasting Session that includes “all its variations”.

There, caviar is extracted and processed by hand. Fresh caviar can be sealed raw and cooled at +2° C for up to three months (follow the individual directions on the tin). The temperature may never fall below -4° C, as otherwise this will change the flavor and consistency of the grains. Caviar should be consumed immediately as soon as it is opened, preferably served on a block of ice.

A spoon worthy of serving this delicacy is made of horn or mother of pearl. Gold spoons are also good, as they do not distort the caviar’s unique flavor. Silver or metallic spoons should never be used, as these will destroy the caviar’s taste.

(Photo courtesy of Tropenhaus Frutigen)

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