Food and Beverage Trends for 2023
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What will food and beverage menus look like in 2023? Lyons Magnus, a global foodservice, and ingredient source, predicts five emerging trends. “We use our proprietary research and analysis to support our partners with targeted …

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Zotter Chocolate Factory

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Special to Road Trips for Foodies
By the Austrian Tourist Office

Once upon a time – around 1990 – there was a master confectioner who thought that all the existing chocolate creations available were simply boring. So he started to experiment and came up with the most fantastic creations, such as “hemp-mocha”.

People liked them so much that he started his own factory and turned it into his own, very unusual, chocolate empire.

About an hour north of Graz, not far from the mighty Riegersburg castle, lies Joseph Zotter’s chocolate factory. Once inside, find a unique world of culinary experimentation, unconventional design, and high principles. This is where Mr. Zotter comes up with one new flavor combination after the other for his sought-after organic, fair trade, chocolates.

Witness the production of chocolate from the cocoa beans to the finished product. Each production step from roasting, fine milling, conching of the beans to final packaging, is done on site. Learn and have fun as you taste intermediate products such as cocoa nibs or roller powder, sample drinking chocolates and even create your own package design.

At the factory store, you can choose from chocolate drinks, hand-scooped chocolates, chocolate bars, and hundreds of different flavors. Some are inspired by local ingredients, such as the pumpkinseed-marzipan variety. Then there are more adventurous taste combinations, like baobab-banana or dark chocolate-bacon bits. Peanut-ketchup flavored chocolate, anyone?

Add the wrappings, which have become collector’s items for their unusual and artsy design, and you have a first rate chocolate experience that makes you impatient to know which flavors Zotter will come up with next.

(Photo courtesy of Austrian Tourist Office)

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