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The 2022 Brand Homes Trends Report is based on aggregated data from more than 200 brand homes from companies like Diageo, Anheuser-Busch, Sierra Nevada, Founders Brewing, and members of the Kentucky Distillers Association that use AnyRoad …

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Black Sea Cuisine

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Road Trips Foodies heading all the way to the eastern Mediterranean will discover unique culinary traditions in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Strongly influenced by geography and climate, mountains and sea, foods featured in the Black Sea region includes the black anchovy (called “hamsi” — pictured at left), corn served in endlessly interesting ways, pickled green beans, an abundance of other vegetables and akcabat kofte (meatballs). Sweet helva, made with corn, butter and local honey, is another local favorite, as are, of course, a great variety of Black Sea and river fish (including farm-raised trout), considered by many to be the tastiest in the world.

Black Sea cuisine includes the roots of the world-famous Turkish tea. The Turkish tea industry is based in the town of Rize, where a moist, moderate climate provides perfect growing conditions. While green tea is exported all over the world, travelers should be prepared to enjoy the local favorite, the strong, smoky black variety that, traditionally served with sugar, is as much a social event as it is a beverage.

Not far away from Rize are the dramatic Kackar Mountains, with their waterfalls, highlands and peaks: magnets for hikers and climbers from around the world. Glacier lakes are adorned with yellow rhododendrons, found nowhere else in Turkey at these altitudes, and Mount Kackar itself is home to bears, wolves, lynxes and mountain goats.

For more information about visiting Turkey and its Black Sea region, go online at Tourism Turkey or Go Turkey.

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