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What will food and beverage menus look like in 2023? Lyons Magnus, a global foodservice, and ingredient source, predicts five emerging trends. “We use our proprietary research and analysis to support our partners with targeted …

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Top 10 Parisian Foods

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france_herme_macaroon Sarah Gilbert Fox gives the definitive list of the best food in Paris in an article for Bonjour Paris. And, what are they? Here, says Fox, are the “foods that everyone must try when in Paris”.

1. Baguettes – Baguettes are certainly a creation of the best bakeries in Paris. A true baguette will be about two feet in length with a crispy crust which, when broken, falls into a zillion supple and delicious little pieces. The best place to try a baguette is the city’s most famous bakery – Poilâne (8 rue du Cherche Midi).

2. Cheeses – With over 350+ types of cheese floating around France, it’s safe to say it would take a lifetime to sample them all. However, you can get your taste buds in a tizzy at many local shops where the owner’s themselves look over the entire process to ensure the best cheeses on the market. One of these is the Fromagerie Quatrehomme (62 rue de Sevres).

3. Chocolates – If you are a chocolate lover, you have not tasted until you’ve had handmade chocolates from Paris. Some of the most delectable, delicious recipes on the planet reside here at places like Michel Cluizel’s (201 rue Saint-Honoré).

4. Crêpes – Got a sweet tooth? Look no further than the nearest street vendor for a Crêpe confection, smothered with sugar and butter. If you’re a bit more particular about where you get your foods, try Yves Camdeborde (9 carrefour de l’Odeon).

5. Croissants – Strolling the city each morning, you are certain to see dozens of people noshing these delicious half bread/half pastry creations. But you must know the distinction between the Croissant Ordinaire (the plainer of the two) and the Croissant au beurre (the messier, greasier, buttery, and ultimately tastier of the two). Try Pierre Hermé (62 rue Bonaparte).

6. Croque monsieur and madame – A croque is a fully loaded ham and cheese sandwich. The monsieur version is grilled on white bread, topped with Mornay cheese sauce, and then broiled to perfection. The madame version adds a sunny side up egg. Most often they are served open faced and are completely and absolutely to die for. Le Mabillon (164 blvd Saint-Germain) has the best.

7. Ice cream – Though must don’t come to Paris to fill their bellies with ice cream, ask anyone around about Berthillon’s (31 rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile) creamy scoops and they’ll tell you it’s a worthwhile trip. Unfortunately, the doors close for the month of August but you can still find shops around that serve up the good Berthillon’s stuff year round.

8. Macaroons – Like having the best breads, having the greatest macaroons can make or break a bakeries good name. Locals will cross town to get their favorite mac no matter how busy they or the city streets are. Try an ooey gooey Pierre Hermé (62 rue Bonaparte — pictured, above) and you’ll understand.

9. Oysters – Whether you’re going for the teeny tiny Fines clairse numero 6, a whopping serving of pleateau fruits de mer, or simply having a glass of wine and simple platter at the local oyster bar, you’re in for a treat. Completely indulge at Le Dôme (108 blvd du Montparnasse) or hit any small oyster bar around the block for a smaller sampler.

10. Poulet de Bresse – If you’re going with chicken here, make sure it’s a rotisserie for the nearest favored mom and pop boucherie. We’re not sure if it’s the way the birds are raised, the way their prepared, or the way they’re cooked. All we know is that they are just better in Paris. Test Bistro Paul-Bert (18 rue Paul-Bert).

Sara Gilbert Fox, the Executive Vice President/Directeur Général for Bonjour Paris, also is the co-author of the USAToday Paris City Guide and the Explorer Resident’s Guide to Paris.

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